Intelix AMX and Crestron Modules

Intelix approached my company to create a suite of modules for an upcoming line of hardware that would ease integration of Intelix products with AMX and Crestron systems. I was assigned to this project mainly because I had the appropriate skills for both ecosystems and I was already familiar with making modules from our prior engagement with Vidyo.

This project presented two main problems:

  • Their internal API documentation we had was revised during our work, prior to receiving the products with which to test.
  • The wide variety of products, with varying APIs and capabilities, made presenting a consistent interface difficult.

The FLX-series hardware had a particularly tricky design to model within the Crestron module, as the hardware itself is reconfigurable, and the module needed to provide a static all-encompassing command set due to language restrictions. We solved this by providing several sub-modules that could be cherry picked depending on hardware as configured.

The modules offered by Intelix on their website today are the modules I developed and published during my time with Advanced Control Systems. The documentation was also produced by myself and my coworker Steve.

Technologies: AMX; Crestron; RS232/Serial; TCP/IP