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A new year, just begun…

If you’re here, you might be aware that I’m looking for a new job.


I’ve decided to put together this small single-purpose website for the sake of finding my way into your offices. You likely have some position open somewhere, some desk sitting empty with an idle little SIP endpoint. I want to be sitting at that desk. I want to talk to people on that dusty G.722 codec. And you can make that happen.

I’m excited to find a place that values a highly technical asset. I have a broad base of knowledge and experience that can add horsepower to your company, department, and team. I work well with others and I love to collaborate on hard projects with problem solving. I have tons of other positive attributes that you’re going to scan past while reading, so I’ll jump straight to the point.

We should have a meeting, you and I, to discuss how I can add to your company. You will find a link to the current edition of my resume on the right sideat the bottom of this page.

Stick around. I’ll be updating this journal with more details of my past and current projects.